AAPi is working towards improved access and increased funding and support for all psychologists. We are working to achieve our mission and goals through media campaigns, legal action, advocacy and partnerships. 

AAPi supports psychologists and community members in a range of advocacy activities to improve the provision of mental health services in Australia. A brief summary of our current advocacy work:

  • We are continuing our advocacy work for improved Medicare Telehealth during the COVID-19 period and beyond.
  • We are lobbying for extra sessions through Medicare.
  • We are working on increased access to all psychologists with private health funds.
  • We are progressing our legal challenge against the two tier system. AAPi is working towards a one-tier model for all registered psychologists, not lower than the exisiting higher tier.
  • AAPi has and will continue to represent our members with government and industry consultations.
  • Media coverage to increase awareness of the issues affecting psychologists and increasing access to psychology.
  • Partnership with Rural Health Connect to improve rural mental health.
  • Partnership with Prevention United to increase prevention and mental wellbeing.

Petition to Increase Access to Psychology Services - End Two-Tier Medicare

The AAPi Board has started a petition via to raise the Medicare rebate for psychologists to remain financially healthy and so that clients can be supported without financial stress. In this petition we are asking the Minister of Health to:

  1. Allow all psychologists to Medicare rebated sessions under the one, higher Medicare tier. The system currently discriminates by type of psychologist. Australians need all the help possible. Forcing two thirds of psychologists to operate on the lower rebate will put them out of business and leave a huge gap in services for the most vulnerable Australians in this time of great need.
  2. Grant an additional 10 sessions in the mental health plan, due to the increase in stress/isolation of the Australian public (similar to the Bushfire Recovery Program).
  3. Allow Australians to self-refer to their mental health professional of choice to access rebated counselling (as was authorised for the Bushfire Recovery Program). Clients are reporting difficulty accessing their GP for referrals and reviews and need access to psychological support. Removing this barrier means that they do not have any gaps in their treatment.

This petition is part of a more comprehensive strategy to stop the discrimination of non-clinically endorsed psychologists and their clients. We need as many signatures as possible.

Sign the petition here.

Legal Action

Legal proceedings to challenge the restrictions faced by psychologists have commenced.

Further updates are provided to members regularly.