Telehealth Extension Announced 

Posted on 26 April 2021
By Tegan Carrison, Executive Director, AAPi

Today, the Federal Government announced a six month extension to telehealth as part of the Budget, which will enable MBS rebated telehealth services until end of 2021. 

This is welcome news, given AAPi has been working with the government and media to advocate for telehealth for psychologists since the very beginning of the pandemic. As recently as Friday 23 April, AAPi Director Betty Chetcuti was featured on ABC News discussing the need for telehealth to be a permanent option for psychologists and clients. You can view the video here.

Advocating for our members is our job and one we undertake proudly.

We would like to take the opportunity to thank those on the front line actually delivering these services. The success of telehealth has hinged on the adaptability, determination and resilience of health professionals and their clients. This announcement is because of you, our members.

We will continue to advocate for telehealth to be made a permanent part of our healthcare system and lobby politicians to ensure access to this service, which is supported by 91 per cent of our members. 

We know how important the continuation of telehealth is to improved access to your expert mental health services and this is what we will achieve together.