Two-Tier Advocacy        

Posted on 15 January 2022

We want 2022 to be the year that ends the two-tier system. Yesterday AAPi was featured in The Daily Telegraph, The Herald Sun, The Courier Mail, 2GB Radio and other print and online outlets across the country asking for an election pledge from all the major parties to replace the two-tier system. 

In the nationally syndicated piece comments were provided around the Medicare rebate inequity, underutilisation and lack of Medicare support for provisional psychologists, and improving the university training pipeline, as three major factors that could swiftly ease the burden on psychologists and increase access for clients. We spoke about psychologists closing their books and made a strong call to action for the government to heed the signals and put in place measures to improve the situation for psychologists and for the young people desperately needing their care as we move forward into a post-pandemic reset and recovery. 

You can read The Daily Telegraph article here

AAPi and member Christine Franklin were also featured in The Courier Mail discussing how the two-tier system hurts clients and psychologists and the need to urgently raise the rebate to $150 for the clients of all psychologists.

AAPi was also in The Guardian yesterday advocating for more funding and access for regional and rural mental health care.

“AAPi has consistently lobbied for more mental health funding such as rural loading and increased rebates – particularly in regional and rural areas to address the access and affordability issues. Now is the time we need to increase access, not reduce it.”

We are stronger together.