Rural Health Connect

AAPi is pleased to announce a new partnership boosting access to psychologists for rural Australians and discounted telehealth for our members.  

AAPi has a strong commitment to supporting rural mental health and the unique challenges faced with accessing rural clients. AAPi and Rural Health Connect have partnered together to improve access to mental health services for rural and remote Australians. Via your AAPi membership we are offering you heavily discounted access to Rural Health Connect.

Rural Health Connect is an innovative service that offers:

  • An all in one telehealth solution that is end to end encrypted.
  • Rural Health Connect also provides technical support via phone (yes a real human) for you and your clients.
  • Free Medicare processing and admin support
  • AAPi Members can use Rural Health Connect free for the first two months.
  • After your first two months there is no lock-in contacts and only $15 per month for less than 10 sessions a month or $18 per month for more than 10 sessions a month plus GST.  This is a huge cost saving for AAPi members.
  • You will have a featured profile on the site, with an easy to use booking calendar. Simply log in and set your availability.
  • All payments, including bulk billing, are paid directly into your bank account.
  • AAPi and Rural Health Connect are working on increasing referrals directly though this service. We see significant opportunities in this area and will look forward to keeping you informed as conversations progress.
  • Rural Health Connect is a grassroots initiative that was developed in response to an urgent need for better access to psychologists in rural Australia. The technology can be used for psychologists and clients everywhere.
  • It is a social enterprise that is committed to helping rural Australians and you can be part of this effort.

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Rural Health Connect information for clients

Rural Health Connect is a way of connect Australians in rural areas with qualified and caring psychologists.

Rural Health Connect is here to make it easier for anyone to access a psychologist. We originated in Central QLD in response to a clear and urgent need for better access to psychologists in rural areas. Now thanks to COVID-19 and other pressures, our services are needed everywhere and we have expanded our reach. Our platform has been designed to be easy to use and is end-to-end encrypted.

We are here because 45 per cent of Australians experience mental illness in their lives, one in five in any given year. Yet many people find it extremely difficult if not impossible to access a psychologist. The impact on individuals, families and communities can be huge. A lack of professionals in their area, long distances driven to appointments, time and money pressures and stigma are all contributing factors. We provide a convenient, private and affordable solution.