Getting your finances sorted: Retirement Planning
Wednesday, 10 August 2022
Category: Finance
Duration: 53 Minutes
Catherine Parker and Cameron Nix

In this webinar, Catherine Parker and Cameron Nix from Cutcher & Neale discuss the financial aspects of retirement. All those important things you need to consider when you are nearing retirement or already in the retirement phase.

Retirement planning is never a one-size-fits-all approach - it is all about knowing where you stand financially and the goals you would like to achieve in your post-work life that will make planning much easier. Catherine and Cameron discuss:
• How much do you need to retire
• Maximising your super
• Understanding pensions
• Valuing your practice
• Selling your practice & premises tax free

More about the presenters:

Catherine Parker is a superannuation specialist who joined the Cutcher & Neale team in 2012. She believes that developing relationships with clients and understanding their long term objectives is essential in providing them with tailored advice to assist them in achieving their financial goals. With a wealth of knowledge and experience, Catherine takes a hands-on, personal approach to ensure clients have the very best plans in place from the beginning

Cameron Nix joined Cutcher & Neale in 2012, after four years’ experience at another local Newcastle Chartered Accounting firm. Cameron is part of the C&N Specialist Medical division and has key expertise as a Medical Taxation and Practice advisor. Cameron is well versed in assisting clients through Budgeting, Wealth Creation, Business reporting and KPI development, Automation of Reporting and processes, Practice acquisition and growth strategies. Cameron is passionate about ensuring his clients consider him a trusted advisor. He is also focused on automation and ensuring his clients use real time data to make informed decisions.

There are also a couple of AAPi Resources you may like to review which can be found on the website under Membership/Member Resources/ Private Practice

1. Contingency/Succession Planning: Who Takes Care of Your Clients When You Cannot:
A series of questions to help you understand what an estate plan might look like for your practice. There is a checklist to assist you develop a plan to ensure your clients are taken care of if you cannot do so.

2. Run-Off Insurance Cover
If you are ceasing to practice by retiring, changing profession or simply closing your practice for family or lifestyle reasons, you should notify your insurance provider in writing of the date that you will cease practice and request run-off PI cover. This ensures that any valid claims that may arise from your time in practice will be covered in the years ahead. You do need to declare any known circumstances that could potentially give rise to a claim, just as you do now in your annual claims declaration when you renew your PI policy
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Getting your finances sorted: Retirement Planning
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