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Beyond boxes: Unravelling Intersectionality in Practice

Beyond boxes: Unravelling Intersectionality in Practice


This session will examine notions of identity complexity, power dynamics, and cultural competence through real-life examples, including practical ways a psychologist may demonstrate therapeutic alignment. Toltu Tufa will examine how to navigate impacts of systemic change and structural inequalities to advocate intersectional perspectives for inclusive, equitable practice.

Intended outcomes for participants: 

  • To define intersectionality and describe its relevance to psychological practice
  • To examine the influence of intersecting identities on mental health outcomes and clinical practice
  • Develop strategies for promoting cultural competence and inclusivity in professional settings 
  • Identify opportunities for advocacy and social justice within the field of psychology
  • Consider intersectional perspectives to enhance client care and promote equity and diversity

About our presenter:
Toltu Tufa is a practicing psychologist with a passion for both clinical practice and sexual education. Specialising in treating healthcare professionals, she brings extensive expertise in navigating complex trauma, managing mental health disorders, crisis intervention, emotional regulation, and forensic psychology. 

Beyond her clinical work, Toltu is deeply invested in exploring the intricate connections between culture, voice, and identity. This passion fuels her role as a sexual educator, where she engages with parents and schools through professional consulting and educational workshops. Toltu is also an acclaimed co-host of podcast, the Coded Switch, which delves into the nuanced experiences of intersectionality and vulnerability as they relate to overall wellness.  

As a TEDx speaker fluent in multiple languages, Toltu captivates diverse audiences worldwide with her insights. She garnered global recognition as a children’s book author for her efforts in revitalising Afaan Oromo, Africa’s fourth most widely spoken language, specifically tailored for children.

Webinar timing: 7:00 – 9:00 pm AEST

Access to the recording of this webinar: A recording of this webinar will be available through the CPD Webinar Library, but for the best experience and the opportunity to ask your questions, join us live. Everyone who registers will be advised via email as soon as the recording is available. Members have unlimited access to the recording, and non-members will have access for 6 months.
Thursday, 02 May 2024
7:00 pm to 9:00 pm (AEST)
$0 - $30
1 CPD Points