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AAPi in the Media

Posted on 17 November 2023

AAPi's response to the Senate report on ADHD was included in the Herald Sun, The Guardian, this City Hub article and on 3AW, 6PR, 2SM radio and multiple ABC radio channels.

In the interviews, AAPi's Chief Services Officer Amanda Curran said although the government did a good job of listening, there's still a long way to fixing the issues.

"We're looking forward to seeing how the government ends up responding to this," she said.  

"It's quite heartbreaking for people who've got those big wait lists and especially in areas where there's not a lot of psychologists, there still are significant wait lists. I think if we can involve GPs to take some of that burden away, if they can partner with psychologists, that will do a lot to ease the pressure on the system."  

The Guardian article reported that AAPi said the Senate report will result in meaningful change.

"AAPi urged the government to accept the recommendations from the report. If adequate Medicare rebates were available to support ADHD assessment to occur with a psychologist, this would significantly reduce access barriers and ensure that medications are prescribed safely and only when necessary.

"Assessment is unaffordable for so many, due to low Medicare rebates and requirements for specialist medical practitioners to refer for assessments and to enable drug prescriptions. This disproportionately affects those in rural and remote regions, First Nations people and those on lower incomes."